Vacuum technology

Vacuum technology in the CryoNeedle system moves the coolant more efficiently through the system, reducing back-pressure and controlling Leidenfrost formation, maximising the reliability of the system and facilitating the efficient use of small diameter probes. The patented vacuum technology also allows the CryoNeedle system to supercool the liquid nitrogen down to -206°C.

Reusable cryoprobes

Reusable cryoprobes are a key feature of the CryoNeedle system. The enhanced engineering design provides small diameter probes that produce larger ice-balls with much less liquid compared to early cryosurgery systems.

Lower procedure cost

Lower procedure cost is a vital advantage of the CryoNeedle system. In addition to the reusable cryoprobes and the use of less expensive coolant, the non-pressure fill used in the CryoNeedle system means that liquid nitrogen can be stored for 120 days in a simple 50-litre aluminium storage dewar, thus minimizing the running costs of the system.


Flexibility is a further advantage; the CryoNeedle system can be used with single or multiple cryoprobes – all services by the single integrated liquid nitrogen source in the CryoNeedle console that stores coolant for up to 60 days.


Safety is evident in the Cryoneedle system. With the forecast increase in the potential of cryosurgery there is an urgent need in the global market for a safer and less costly device, and the time is ideal for the development of a system that eliminates the risks associated with the present delivery systems.

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