From the thought leaders in the design of Cryosurgery systems we are proud to introduce Cryoneedle breakthrough technology that provides the benefits of more efficient, safer and cost-effective therapy.

Our surgical systems for the in-situ treatment of unwanted tissue, our Cryoneedle cryosurgery system brings a new standard of performance and safety to deliver more efficient cryotherapy with re-useable probes.

The procedures involve the use of the patented Cryoneedle device and associated probes. The unique feature of the Cryoneedle device is that it uses liquid nitrogen delivered to the probe tip by vacuum from the storage vessel incorporated within the device where it nucleates at 700% to create an ice ball to -176°C

Current systems use a variety of gases but all of them deliver to the probe using pressurised systems. Not only is this relatively expensive in gas usage it carries an inherent danger of probes fracturing with catastrophic effects.

The Cryoneedle system therefore differs from existing systems by using less of the freezing medium and more importantly eliminates the potential risks associated with the pressurised systems.

Furthermore the Cryoneedle probes are designed to be used up to 50 times before needing servicing. This feature offers the opportunity to create a significant and valuable secondary income stream.

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